Good news

The other day, I received an email from my renter’s insurance provider. It told me that my policy was due for renewal, and that they’d made some changes to the coverage. The changes they’d made increased the monthly premium by a good $35. I wasn’t interested in that, and besides, I had some coverage I did not need, so I went in and changed it all around. I’m now paying $6 less per month than I was before, for slightly more coverage (insurance is weird).

Anyway, one of the options is to send an email to your management company/landlord, letting them know that you not only have coverage, but about the changes you made (though it doesn’t go into specifics). I received a reply a day later, so I thought I’d take the chance and ask what their thoughts were on me getting an electric scooter. You see, my apartment has one staircase, but it’s a bit steep and has a fair amount of stairs. I can’t lift a 200 lb scooter by myself in order to charge it every 2 or 3 days, so I thought I’d take a risk and ask whether I could store my scooter inside my storage room, which is on the main floor, and be able to use the outlet right outside that room to charge the battery. I offered to have the extra charge added to my rent, but all I got back was, ‘I checked and they said using the outlet would be fine!’. So, I’m not 100% sure what that means. I did ask for a bit of clarification. We’ll see what I get back.

This is good news as it helps me take the next step in the FIRE (more FI than RE) journey. The Nut Factory got really insane this week and wasted a ton of my time. I like to be a productive person, and wasting my time causes me a ton of stress some days (and yet others, I don’t mind having to wait). I came in on Sunday to get some extra work done, because some things are more accurately completed when the squirrels are on days off, and unfortunately due to access levels, I couldn’t get it done. Thankfully a senior squirrel was reachable via email and did it for me. But still, I changed my schedule to get this done, and to learn I couldn’t was such a disappointment. Then I had to go to another Nut Factory that I care for and look for something specific that I cant figure out from here. Because it involves multiple ferries, it took the entire day, AND I got some overtime out of it (not that I wanted that). However, it was a total waste of a day. I have three projects that are waiting in the wings, but these last few weeks of August are always a bad time to try to get things done that involve others, thanks to so many people taking those last weeks off for vacation to have a last hurrah with their littles before school starts up again. So really, I should just learn my lesson and just stop trying to get anything done.

Back to the FI journey now. My main concern is getting rid of this vehicle. I bought a second hand marker board and some newer markers (on sale) because I know I’m more likely to stick to something when it’s written down and in front of my face. I love using apps and email and all of it, but I know I will use the excuse that it’s in my phone, and I never remember to look at it. This way, it’s bright, it’s colourful, and because it’s on my deep freeze, I have to move it every single time I have to get something out, which means I see it at least once a week. Now, I have a studio apartment, so the deep freeze is in my kitchen, meaning I see it every single day. This has also added some weird pressure/stress, as I’m constantly aware that just payments alone, on average, are costing me $500/month for this stupid, over-the-top car. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s terrible on fuel, and feels far too extravagant for a basic bitch like me. I listed it on auto-trader last week, hoping for a miracle. I have since lowered the price, and likely will again in the next month.

Here on this island, we don’t get a lot of real ‘Canadian winter’. It’s very Vancouver, in that we get a awful lot of rain and even more overcast days. It doesn’t get very cold here really at all, and we get about a week of snow, and that’s it. This makes scooting a real possibility for someone like me. As I’ve mentioned several times, I live relatively close to work, and would only have to scoot for about 10 minutes in the morning and evening. I will have to stop coming home for lunch which makes me sad, but it’s worth it in the end to have enough freedom financially to work where I want to work (art store, gallery, shop slave at Lupine Art, book store, or some other kitschy shop. I can worry more about what the work will be like and not have to care about the wage.

But then, I guess we all want that, don’t we?

Thanks for reading.

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I'm an early 40s Canadian who just plain doesn't want to work anymore. Join me on the ride as I learn about Canadian Finance!

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