Breaking up with addiction

Day 1 of no more McDonald’s coffee: I spent the entire morning from the moment I woke up until I was 10 minutes before leaving the house to decide that I want some form of financial independence more than I want a McDonald’s coffee. I took my home made coffee to work, drank it, and enjoyed it. I came home for lunch, made 4 more cups, took it to work, and enjoyed it again.

Day 2: I was annoyed this morning that I didn’t make the coffee so it was ready to go. Must change for tomorrow.

Afternoon of day 2: It was hot in here and all I wanted was that sweet, sweet, venti chai tea frappuccino. But I made coffee instead!

Morning of day 3: I can’t find my one and only travel mug. I made a big mistake when I bought it, not knowing how much it cost, but now I love it, and it keeps my coffee hot during the hour that it takes me to drink it all.

Afternoon of day 3: Second McDonald’s coffee of the day. I’m very disappointed, but hey, I found my mug! That damn thing rolled under my front seat. Why didn’t I think to check there? I blame the lack of coffee.

Afternoon of day 4: The McDonald’s taste is still fresh in my memory, so the rest of the day was a waste of money, but it was a delicious waste.

Morning of day 5: Someone at work did something REALLY stupid, so I had to go in at 0500. This means I had to set my alarm for 0330. I was a bleary eyed fool for the rest of the day. 2 McDonald’s trips are under my belt…again.

So, clearly there wasn’t a whole lot of success. I’m going to try finding another mug that is way cheaper, so I can hopefully just take my coffee with me every morning and afternoon next week. It’s a long weekend here in Canada, so I won’t be back to work until Tuesday. I will NOT be buying anything from a restaurant all weekend, and all coffee will be made at home!!!!

Published by Frugal Squirrel

I'm an early 40s Canadian who just plain doesn't want to work anymore. Join me on the ride as I learn about Canadian Finance!

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