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More good news

Just now, after opening my first ever Questrade account, I checked to see if it had been approved or not. I was expecting an email but for some reason, one didn’t come. Sure enough, it had been approved. On Thursday, I thought I’d take a look at the only retirement account that I knew existedContinue reading “More good news”

Good news

The other day, I received an email from my renter’s insurance provider. It told me that my policy was due for renewal, and that they’d made some changes to the coverage. The changes they’d made increased the monthly premium by a good $35. I wasn’t interested in that, and besides, I had some coverage IContinue reading “Good news”


Financial Independence Retire Early. This acronym has been a part of my life for just a few months. I first heard of it via Mr. Money Mustache’s blog. I thought it was interesting enough to investigate, so I did a deep dive on both YouTube and in the blogosphere. On one of the many YTContinue reading “F.I.R.E.”

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