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Trying to increase my NUT by squirrelling away my nuts since 2021.

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The FI Word Is Weird

The FI life is weird. The more I delve into all of this, the weirder things seem. What do I mean by that? Each blogger has their own take on things. Some follow Mr. Money Moustache‚Äôs rules to the letter, others are doing their own thing. Some have decided the ex-pat life is for them,Continue reading “The FI Word Is Weird”

House Hacking

For those of you that don’t know, house hacking is buying a home and getting enough roommates to live with you and pay enough rent so you no longer have to contribute. It’s basically living for free. While I love the concept, I very much do not like the idea of sharing my home withContinue reading “House Hacking”

It’s a new year.

We have officially made it to another year. So far, I haven’t gotten COVID, which is a damn miracle at this point. Omicron is rearing its ugly head, but that’s okay, I have an excellent immune system (which is seriously the only reason I haven’t gotten it yet). I have been thinking about this blogContinue reading “It’s a new year.”

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